Lots of Fun and Quirkiness in the work of Irish artist Frank O'Dea

'I should have known better' by Frank O'Dea

'I should have known better' by Frank O'Dea

I came across an exhibition by Frank O'Dea quite by chance late last year as I was walking down Dawson street and was really pleasantly surprised.  Frank is an Irish artist living and working in Dublin both from his studio in Clontarf and from his art gallery Balla Ban based in Dublin's Westbury mall.

When I say I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't that it was a surprise that the work was so good but more that it put me in such a pleasant humour after viewing the exhibition. Frank has developed his own unique style which is influenced by music, fashion and popular culture. but what's so interesting is the sense of fun and movement in his work. In one particular piece I could almost hear the swish swish of the girls skirts as they sashayed down the catwalks. I could feel the jealousy through the eyes of a lover and hear the soft strum of the guitar . He has a great ability to capture a moment, a feeling or a mood with the slant of an eye, the arch of the back or slouching shoulders.

His work is definitely worth checking out and I look forward to the next installment

Frank's work is available at his own gallery Balla Ban. Westbury Mall, Dublin 2


Balla Ban. Westbury Mall, Dublin 2