An Aladdin's cave of crazy colour and pattern on Clarendon Street

I was taking a stroll around Dublin city last Saturday with my other half as I pretended to listen to his usual Saturday rant about the state of the economy. As I contemplated the pros & cons of stopping into Butlers on the pretence of getting a coffee but with the sole motive of acquiring one of their delicious salted caramels I noticed the conversation was quickly declining into a bike versus car debate.  As a result I quickly abandoned all thoughts of coffee in an attempt to create a distraction from the well-worn topic of who really rules the road.

Thankfully as we veered down Clarendon Street out of the corner of my eye I spotted a splash of colour and design that looked slightly unfamiliar to me or dare I say new. I quickly dumped my accoutrements of water, newspaper and handbag in the arms of the mobile ‘Prime Time Special’ and entered an Aladdin’s cave of eclectic wonderment in the form of Ginger Brown Design.

Such a positive assault of my senses in the form of colour and pattern I have not experienced in such a long time. I felt awakened, energised and excited by the array of goods before me. Anyone who follows me on Instagram @desartinliving will know that I consider myself a one person revolutionist to bring colour back to interiors. But I’m also a huge advocate of the accent chair…I love them… a chair that doesn’t match, a chair that contrasts, a chair that stands alone… a chair that stands proud. And boy does Ginger Brown do accent chairs in a way I have never experienced before – I felt a little like Charlie as he entered the secret garden in the chocolate factory…I wanted to explore and pull everything apart and touch everything.

Ginger Brown is the brain child of Virendra Rana who has collated pieces of furniture, fashion and design inspired by her travels around the world. The collection is contemporary, magnificent and unique all at once and definitely worth a visit. Below are some examples of what you can expect – contact details are in the ‘Where to Buy ‘section. Enjoy XoXo