Funky Furniture Design that makes my heart sing!

There’s nothing more exciting than really innovative and thought provoking design. With furniture its difficult be innovative as so much has been tried and tested before. Furniture is so important to our lives as we use it every day so it should be beautiful, we should love what we see around us all the time and why it should not be like an art form in itself.

I recently came across a new furniture designer who I consider is breaking new boundaries in both design and use of furniture. XOBO furniture are based in Brighton and are launching a range this summer which really challenges your thinking about what furniture should look like and how it should be used, which to me is thrilling and makes my heart sing just a little.

There range of Oyster wardrobes allows you to use your wardrobe functionally or as a decorative sculptural piece, it can divide a room or fit into a corner. It’s perfect for apartment living in terms of size yet it’s funky and fresh so it’s a really good fit for contemporary interiors. Personally I see pieces like this as collectable and their Oyster Deluxe wardrobe which is based on a gentleman’s travelling case just makes me want to explore the piece.

Here are some photos of some of their work but you can check out more of their pieces at