Sheepskin..this trend is here to stay...

Some people hate it ..some people love it..personally I was on the fence but I kind of love it at the moment. Sheepskin has had a revival with lots of synthetic varieties and in lots of different colours and as it's small it's an easy texture to play around with in your interiors. It also goes well with a great many colours and textures.

The best way to use sheepskin is as a throw or a rug to soften up the colour scheme in a room and add texture to a monochrome palette. It looks great in greys and blacks or against greys and blacks. it's lovely on the floor of a nursery or on a leather chair or sofa to add that little bit of cosiness and warmth.

It's certainly looking a whole lot better than it did in the 70s....Here's a great range of inspirational ideas of how you can integrate it into your home 


Velvet, Velvet Everywhere....and in every colour... used to be so passé...but it's back in vogue with a bang for your furnishings and the exciting thing about this trend of velvet are the colours. Bold blues , strong turquoise, slate grey's and envious greens, there really is something for everyone.

Where velvet used to be a textile that blended into the background this seasons velvets are your statement piece. They are dramatic standalone sofas that dominate a room and rightly so...they've been hidden away for so long. 

This is by far my favourite trend of 2015 and it's here to stay, contrast your velvets with strong metallics or bold prints  or a striking pink for added effect and texture. Be bold , be proud, be Velvet...

Enjoy xxx