Tips for Designing and Decorating a Small Bedroom

Let’s face it.. in every house or  apartment there is one teeny went room or box room that seems impossible to decorate or furnish. Obviously if we had Ikea designers living with us we’d have no problems. But in the absence of that luxury I've collated a few great tips that you can use to maximise the space in your small rooms – here I'm focusing on bedrooms but many of these tips apply to any small room.

1.  Add Mirrors
Mirrors are a must for any small space. They reflect light and give the illusion of space instantly. Try to position your mirrors on a wall where they catch the light from outside and reflect it back into the room. The bigger they are of course the more light they reflect.

2.  Use Really Smart Storage
In a small space, every available centimetre is a storage space that hasn't been utilised. In a bedroom under the bed is a premium space so choose a bed that either comes with storage included or that has enough space underneath to use for boxes and drawers.

3. Use Your Walls
You can’t sit on them; you can’t sleep on them so use them as efficiently as possible. Spend some time sourcing practical shelving that uses space economically. It’s better to consider open shelving as opposed to closed in units, presses or cupboards as they will reduce the overall volume of your room. Some people shy away from open shelving as it gives the impression of clutter or because there are some things you don’t want on public view. But there are so many beautiful boxes, baskets and tins available these days that will actually compliment your room if you choose the right colours or textures.

4. Make it Cosy
So realistically you aren't going to double the size of your room through clever design although you’ll definitely make it a more efficient space so instead embrace the cosiness. Layer textures and complimentary colours in your bedlinen and cushions to add interest to your little space and to guide the eye around the room.

5.  Use Multiple Lighting Sources.
Rather than relying on one overhead light use several smaller lights in softer lighting. This will visually blur the edges of your room and give the impression of more space if the room is lit from different angles. And hey what doesn't look nicer in a softer glow!

6. Keep Your Colours Light
It’s no secret that dark colours shrink a room but this even more important in a small space. So keep your walls and linens in a lighter palette and if your like colour- use  colour in throws, cushions, storage boxes and door knobs. And for your windows it’s best to work with blinds rather than curtains to leave you more wall space.

Here are some great ideas for storage tips and colour schemes that make the most out of really small spaces