Redesigning a Living Room in Rustic Chic

I'm in the process of planning a redesign for my living room and as the room is fairly bright anyway with lots of natural light I've decided to go with a rustic chic theme. Which got me thinking as to what a rustic chic really is....

Our version of modern day rustic has evolved from what would have been considered along the styles of an old hunting lodge style to today’s much more bleached out, neutral themed, distressed wood version.

Wood is obviously key to this look but it tends to be mixed with glamorous accessories like ornate candle stick holders, chandeliers and French style mirrors. It ranges with accessories from French country farmhouse to industrial rusted metals and medieval styled lighting with cow hide playing a significant role in soft furnishings. Throw in some wicker accessories, mason jars and French stamped crates with heart shaped tea lights and you've nailed this easy laid back trend.

Mad about Folk!

Just when we’d all turned ourselves into 1950s housewives as we embraced Vintage in all its forms from making cupcakes to stringing up bunting like our lives depended on it another trend has slowly started to creep in.

You may have noticed it here and there – gradually making an appearance in cushions or the odd lampshade. You’ve probably thought to yourself that is the next level of vintage in a more colourful form. Well I’m here to tell you it’s not, I now herald the arrival of folk, yes you read it correctly – folk!.

To all you Anne Sloaners…drop your wax now and grab a stencil kit because it’s time to add folk floral designs to that old bench or side table. Think brightly coloured patterns with tight floral leaf designs and heart shapes with a touch of aztec here and there. Think of the blankets used by the American Indians, the headscarves and long patterned skirts worn by country women in Eastern Europe. But beware this is a trend to embrace in small doses and subtle touches or your interior will look like the inside of an old fortune teller's gypsy caravan. The trick is to accent with it and to work it against contrasting colours or neutral shades.

Here’s a little inspo to get you thinking! Enjoy XoX

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Defining Elements Of The Modern Rustic Home

Modern rustic is proving very popular of late and as I’ve had a few queries on one of my Facebook posts for rustic kitchens I thought I’d do a full blog post on it.

Why is rustic design so popular, well it removes formality from a room and it gives it a warmth and inviting feel. Modern rustic also now tends to range from log cabin style all the way to beach cottage or New England charm.

Some elements to consider when trying to incorporate rustic into your theme.

1.       Wood- whether you are using pine for its exaggerated knotting or reclaimed wood for it’s used and aged to keep it authentic try to keep it as natural looking as possible.

2.       Metal- Use punched tin or any non-shiny metal to capture the aged concept. Also some antique metals can work quite well in a rustic setting.

3.       Stone- you could incorporate stone in your flooring, fireplaces, walls or subtlety as ornamental features to add an additional feeling of nature to your room

4.       Colour schemes- use natural colours reflecting nature but for a beachier theme you could try adding washed out pastels to soften your other elements.

Here are some examples off subtle additions that you can put together quite easily to add a rustic feel to your room


Camden street is where to go for Retro.....

If you haven't noticed the surge in 1960s style furniture and in particular the sideboard creeping into interiors then seriously you must be wearing blinkers because it's EVERYWHERE

I remember when I used to cringe at the sight of those narrow handles and teak paneling thinking they were so kitsch. Now it reminds me of photos of my parents  with big hair, big flowers and my Dad had even bigger glasses. Now I'm only delighted to embrace fashions latest offering of 60's furniture  now that it's back and bang on trend,. In fact I've just told my mother to strip down her old drinks cabinet that she had previously tried to disguise by up-cycling it in Anne Sloane cream.

Trendy as these retro pieces may be they don't suit every interior so take time to consider how you will incorporate it into your scheme. If you are looking to make a purchase  then many of the design shops are carrying them in some form but if you are lucky you will pick something up at a charity shop or market - In Dublin -Camden street, Oxfam homestore ( Francis Street) or the Third policeman in Rathmines  they may need work but that's half the fun of making it your own.

Check out these great examples of how to incorporate them into an modern interior. XoXo