The centrepiece of any room - choosing the right rug!

Rugs...the centrepiece of any room but often overlooked, undervalued and walked all over! How much do you really know about the lowly rugs

Here’s a little history….
Although the exact origins or carpet remain a mystery, it is thought that they date back to the Neolithic age. There are a couple of theories though, one is that they were a woven solution to keep nomads warm as they travelled acting as beds, seating and rugs as such to protect from the coldness of the ground. The second theory suggests that they were an art form that were used during festivals and special occasions to decorate the ground and people’s homes.

Fact: The oldest specimen dates back to the 5th century - The Pazyryk Carpet which was evacuated from the tomb of the Shiite chief in the Pazyryk Valley in the Altai Mountains, Siberia which was encased in ice.

Whichever theory is correct they both suggest that carpets served the purpose of protecting against the elements and of beautifying the home. With the Middle East deemed the cradle of carpet weaving much of the antique carpets and weaves that we see today reflect their Persian style origins. There is no doubt that throughout history a good rug was considered a valued and treasured possession and was thought to denote standing in the community

Back to today.....
Rugs are fantastic, they transform a space, add texture and colour to a room, warm your feet on an otherwise cold floor and overall add a cosiness factor that even a carpet can’t achieve alone.

Tips for choosing a rug

Colour: If you already have a lot of colour or pattern in your room you don’t want to add another layer to that with a multi coloured rug. You can use colour blocking with a contrasting rug but make sure it’s a colour you can live with long term. One good rule of thumb is to match your rug in colours similar to either your walls or your soft furnishings         

Texture: Aim for contrast when considering texture. If you have leather couches or chairs they can look great against a long haired shaggy rug for contrasting textures and to create a softness. Reversely textured soft furnishings like velvet can benefit from a short hard pile rug. Take into account who will be using the rug - is a tripping hazard? Or if getting a short hard pile snow white rug is practical if you have a big long haired dog who likes to do carpet gymnastics after coming in from the rain

Size: A rug should cover the size of your seating area. Ideally all of the furniture should sit on the rug but if only the front legs are on it that’s a perfect compromise. Orientation is also important. If you have a rectangular room get a rectangular rug and a square room benefits from either a square or a round rug. I've curated a few examples from the internet to give you some ideas.

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