Creating a great first impression!

You might not think it but your entrance way is one of the most important rooms in your home. Why? well it's the first place you see when you walk into your house and the last place you see when you leave. It gives you that ...ahhh I'm home! .. feeling as you walk through the door. It's generally where you drop your keys, handbag, coat and often shoes....unless of course you are super tidy ...unlike me.

It's the first place your guests see when they come to visit and it gives them an impression of the rest of the should be warm and inviting, bright and inspiring and show a little bit of your personality too.

What could be more awful than walking into a cold, dark, drab hallway smelling of damp and with no decoration at all.  you want to feel welcome in your own home and you want your guests to feel welcome too.

Essential decorations really depend on your needs but I think a mirror is definitely a priority....everyone needs that one last check before rushing out the door to ensure they aren't wearing a beard of toothpaste!. After that I think each to their own...

Check out these simple ideas that are easy to recreate in your home and there is something here to suit every taste.


Great ideas for decorating kid's rooms in 2016

There is so much Disney merchandise knocking around these days that it can be hard to be creative and different with rooms for the little ones in your life. Every child seems to have the matching duvet set and pillows combo...Frozen in anyone's house by any chance?

But it really doesn't take much to create a really pretty and stimulating space for kids. Kids love bright colours and it's so easy to pick up a few sets of shelves in somewhere like Ikea or your local hardware shop and paint them in primary colours or in subtle complimentary shades.

Add in a few wall decorations and kids paintings - maybe some bunting and a readers corner and you have a little playroom in their bedroom.

If anyone is looking to source paintings for children's rooms then please drop me a line to

Enjoy the pics XoXo

Adding a tablespoon of vintage to your kitchen design!

The vintage theme has been circulating for quite a while and has probably reached saturation point. Although let's face it there is something really quaint and quirky about sweet little vintage touches to a room.

It gives a little hint of familiarity that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Here I've pulled together a few inspirational ideas. These range from subtle hints to full on retro and can help you add a little bit of personality into your kitchen. Hope you enjoy XoXo