Four great Alternatives to Ikea for flat packed furniture

IKEA has transformed the way we think about furniture. It's generally affordable, easy to put together and they have such a large range that you can literally decorate every room in your home for a fraction of the cost of anywhere else. 

So when you've exhausted all your IKEA options here are four other companies doing flat pack and delivery that offer some alternatives.

Tylko is a Polish furniture company with it’s own app to allow you to customise the designs of basic furniture products. The selection is small, mainly shelves and tables and everything is wooden but it gives you the option to view how the furniture will look in your room with a smartphone and you’ll feel like it’s your own design by adding the tweaks. Unfortunately, they don’t ship to the US but they do ship to most of Europe including Ireland and the UK. They aren’t as affordable as IKEA but they are a bit different and the customisable features are pretty good.

Floyd, a US based furniture company based in Detroit has a different approach to furniture. They’ve created the components to allow you to create furniture yourself at home from. It all started with the Floyd legs….seasoned renters will understand this concept as every time you move house you gather more belongings including furniture. So rather than leaving something behind when the next place can’t accommodate the furniture you have, Floyd came up with the concept of creating a set of legs that enables you to make a table out of any piece of flat wood of any size. They’ve since expanded this to incorporate other products. It’s definitely a different concept and you’d need to be somewhat DIY inclined but it’s interesting and worth a look and gives great options for working with materials such as reclaimed wood.

Hem is a cross between mass produced and pricey design. It has a high price point compared to Ikea but it still retains that Scandinavian influence that we all love so much in IKEA showrooms.  You can customise some of the pieces and It’s definitely an option for something a bit different….

Grey Cork
US based company Grey Cork and only shipping within the US for now. But as they expand they may ship to Europe. They are probably the closest in price point to IKEA but again their range is nowhere as large. The furniture is stylish though and you can get an entire living from set for under $2k…Let’s hope they go global….


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