3 Great Tips to Designing a Room in Black & White

The thoughts of designing a room in monochrome black and white may seem unbelievably dull and boring to some but if done correctly this look can be both stylish and sophisticated. But it’s hard to get right as too much will have your home looking like a Kardashian abode and too little just misses the mark. Here are some tips for creating a funky two toned theme that won’t look too stark.

1. Add natural effects through soft wood and plants

Adding plants throughout a room subtly adds to your palette and softens the overall feel of the room through the addition of organics. The same applies with light coloured woods which lighten the severity of black and add a contemporary Scandinavian feel.


Add plants to black and white

2. Reverse the palette

Automatically one might assume that you would use white on walls and furniture and accent with black but painting one wall and the furniture around it completely black and then softening the look with textures in white soft furnishings for a really different approach. Use rugs, throws and cushions to make the room cosy yet all in shades of white.

Black Statement Wall
Black wall _bedroom

3. Add Pattern

Try using varying patterns in your rugs and cushions to vary the space but be careful to show restraint. Introduce organics again through faux animal prints and hides.

Cow hide rugs
Black & white home accessories

Source - Apartment Therapy and tomfo.com