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Transform your room into a place of luxury and romance with these great pieces available online.

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Re-Create this Contemporary Living Space

Stylish Yet Relaxed Living Room

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Contemporary Living Room
Coffee Table -  Click to Buy

Coffee Table - Click to Buy

Bee Cushion -  Click To Buy

Bee Cushion - Click To Buy

“Young Panda II” Dave White -  Click To Buy

“Young Panda II” Dave White - Click To Buy

Floor Lamp -  Click To Buy

Floor Lamp - Click To Buy

Table Lamp -  Click To Buy

Table Lamp - Click To Buy

Palm Print Cushion -  Click To Buy

Palm Print Cushion - Click To Buy

Star Ornament - Click To Buy

Star Ornament -Click To Buy


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Check out the biggest trend for kitchens in 2018/2019

Colour in kitchens is one of the hottest trends for both 2018 and 20-19 with hues from navy to blue topping the colour choice.

If you are thinking about changing up your own kitchen either with all new cabinets or by painting your existing ones here is some colour inspiration to get you motivated

All images were taken from Pinterest


Top Pick - we love this homely feel softened by mixed textiles

We love the interesting toiling in this kitchen - it really adds another dimension

We love the interesting toiling in this kitchen - it really adds another dimension

Great Kitchen for a family

Great Kitchen for a family

Cosy and Intimate - a place for entertaining

Cosy and Intimate - a place for entertaining

A lighter take on blue

A lighter take on blue

Leaning more towards grey

Leaning more towards grey

We love the warmth the hard wood counter tops bring to this kitchen

We love the warmth the hard wood counter tops bring to this kitchen

Another great family space and the wooden flooring and shelving counteracts the coldness of the marble counter

Another great family space and the wooden flooring and shelving counteracts the coldness of the marble counter

Showcasing feminine elegance with Marks and Spencer's new Homewares Collection

We are loving Marks and Spencer’s homewares range this year – they are killing it with their retake on retro patterns in vintage blues, soft greys and luxurious velvets.

Our personal favourites are these beautiful subtle patterns in their soft furnishings…they have the feeling of a Parisian boudoir mixed with a formal reception room but the colours and patterns are so subtle they work in so many styles of homes. Team them with their take on antique style glassware, ornate mirrors and floral candles to bring a little piece of feminine luxury into your living room.

Blue Couch.jpg

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Grace Floor lamp - Buy Here

Mirror- Buy Here

Velvet Rug - Buy Here

Damask Jacquard Cushion - Buy Here

Songbird Cushion - Buy Here

La Perla Cushion - Buy Here

For a more striking contrast check out their monochrome range with contrasting patterns, zebra prints and a myriad of polka dots. We love the combination of monochromes accessorised with indoor plants. We believe it’s colour referencing back to seeing actual zebras in the jungle – colours in nature always work together in the home or fashion and it makes us feel all native.

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Tribal Cushions -  Buy Here

Zebra Cushions- Buy Here

Oval Cushions - Buy Here

Diamond Shaggy Rug - Buy Here

Jenson Floor Lamps - Buy Here

Sofa_striped chair.jpg

They are carrying the natural theme through to their kitchen wares also with their monochrome Aztec influenced patterned tableware. What we love about these are they are rustic but not specifically seasonal, so suitable for both indoor and outdoor, spring, summer and winter without making us feel over optimistic about our Irish weather.

Click to buy....

Lombard Dinner Set - Buy Here

Savanna Side Plates - Buy Here

Richmond Dinner Set - Buy Here

Marble & Brass Coasters - Buy Here

Embroidered Runner - Buy Here

Cotton Tablecloth - Buy Here


bathroom Trolley.jpg


Bathrooms are a real feature this year….we are obsessed with this bathroom storage trolley It feels like a cocktail cart in your bathroom giving us the perfect excuse to have a glass of prosecco while having a soak. There is also a great range in towels with more contemporary colourswhich you can mix and match to compliment or contrast . Grab a set of stone and copper toothbrush holders and soap dispensers for a bit of timeless elegance or just the straight marble range for accessories that really work with any colour scheme.



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Antique Style Soap Dispensers - Buy Here

Marble Bathroom Accessories - Buy Here

Stone & Copper bathroom Accessories - Buy Here

Paisley Embossed Cotton Towels - Buy Here

Towels Various Colours- Buy Here


Marks and Spencer’s deliver all over Ireland and it’s free if you spend over €30 or you can order online and pick up at your local store. Personally I love a bit of online shopping – makes us feel like we have admirers sending us gifts, who cares if they are from ourselves!

Happy Shopping!


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4 Great Kitchen colours that are hot for 2017

The kitchen is the heart of every home and where we spend a large proportion of our time so it should be a room we really love. If you are planning to treat yourself to a new kitchen in 2017 or just need some inspiration to help you upgrade your current kitchen then look no further. We've taken the top four colours for 2017 and collated them for you here plus some materials that will be on trend for the year ahead.

Neutrals are here to stay - check out our variations of greys, pale blues, mint greens and beige

 Hot Trend - Cork

Yes cork is making a comeback in 2017 in various ways - check out this great cork wall in a home office

Image Credit: Petra Bindel

Image Credit: Petra Bindel


Hot Trend - Terracotta

Those of us old enough to remember when terracotta was huge the first will definitely feel a bit of nostalgic as it's resurgence. Those warm earthy tones give warmth to any room and definitely give a feeling of homeliness. And as and added bonus all the bars and restaurants in France and Spain will be bang on trend for 2017!

Image Credit: Villa Mammerhills

Image Credit: Villa Mammerhills


Hot Trend - Luxurious Bedheads

Gone are the plain wooden bed head and back in are the velvets,crushed velvets, cushioned or uncushioned - the more luxurious the better

Image Credit: Heatherly Design

Image Credit: Heatherly Design

Hope this gives you the inspiration you need to make your interior beautiful in 2017!

8 home accessories in metalics that you can buy today

Metallics are very much on trend for home accessories at the moment and let's face it they go with any room. The key is not to mix them. If you are going with gold/brass keep everything gold/brass. If it's silver or chrome again make sure everything is silver or chrome. And rose gold deserves a platform completely to itself - I'll be doing a separate post shortly on rose gold

Today I've picked 8 great buys that you can buy online or in store today to suit all budgets.


Brass and Marble Drinks Trolley

€450 - Buy Here

Perfect for those after work cocktails for the comfort of your own home



Mindy Brownes - Adriana Mirror

20% Sale - NOW €159.96 - Buy Here

We think this would be perfect in a hallway or above a fireplace


Net Brass Finish Tea Light Holder

€9.95 - Buy Here

We think these are a steal at €9.95 and we'd have multiples around a room for added impact.


Paul Costelloe -16 piece Gold Cutlery Set

€80 - Buy Here

These would certainly make an impression at your next dinner party!


Large Brass Lantern

€195 - Buy Here

We love these but would definitely keep them indoors


Natlight Candle Holder Brass - from Skultuna was created by Dutch designer Richard Hutten. 

€82 - Buy Here

Two of these would be beautiful on a mantelpiece with two long white candles


Cantilever Floor Lamp in Brushed Copper

£99 - Approx €130 - Buy Here

We think this is a great reading light for any room -  simple and practical.


Four great Alternatives to Ikea for flat packed furniture

IKEA has transformed the way we think about furniture. It's generally affordable, easy to put together and they have such a large range that you can literally decorate every room in your home for a fraction of the cost of anywhere else. 

So when you've exhausted all your IKEA options here are four other companies doing flat pack and delivery that offer some alternatives.

Tylko is a Polish furniture company with it’s own app to allow you to customise the designs of basic furniture products. The selection is small, mainly shelves and tables and everything is wooden but it gives you the option to view how the furniture will look in your room with a smartphone and you’ll feel like it’s your own design by adding the tweaks. Unfortunately, they don’t ship to the US but they do ship to most of Europe including Ireland and the UK. They aren’t as affordable as IKEA but they are a bit different and the customisable features are pretty good.

Floyd, a US based furniture company based in Detroit has a different approach to furniture. They’ve created the components to allow you to create furniture yourself at home from. It all started with the Floyd legs….seasoned renters will understand this concept as every time you move house you gather more belongings including furniture. So rather than leaving something behind when the next place can’t accommodate the furniture you have, Floyd came up with the concept of creating a set of legs that enables you to make a table out of any piece of flat wood of any size. They’ve since expanded this to incorporate other products. It’s definitely a different concept and you’d need to be somewhat DIY inclined but it’s interesting and worth a look and gives great options for working with materials such as reclaimed wood.

Hem is a cross between mass produced and pricey design. It has a high price point compared to Ikea but it still retains that Scandinavian influence that we all love so much in IKEA showrooms.  You can customise some of the pieces and It’s definitely an option for something a bit different….

Grey Cork
US based company Grey Cork and only shipping within the US for now. But as they expand they may ship to Europe. They are probably the closest in price point to IKEA but again their range is nowhere as large. The furniture is stylish though and you can get an entire living from set for under $2k…Let’s hope they go global….


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The centrepiece of any room - choosing the right rug!

Rugs...the centrepiece of any room but often overlooked, undervalued and walked all over! How much do you really know about the lowly rugs

Here’s a little history….
Although the exact origins or carpet remain a mystery, it is thought that they date back to the Neolithic age. There are a couple of theories though, one is that they were a woven solution to keep nomads warm as they travelled acting as beds, seating and rugs as such to protect from the coldness of the ground. The second theory suggests that they were an art form that were used during festivals and special occasions to decorate the ground and people’s homes.

Fact: The oldest specimen dates back to the 5th century - The Pazyryk Carpet which was evacuated from the tomb of the Shiite chief in the Pazyryk Valley in the Altai Mountains, Siberia which was encased in ice.

Whichever theory is correct they both suggest that carpets served the purpose of protecting against the elements and of beautifying the home. With the Middle East deemed the cradle of carpet weaving much of the antique carpets and weaves that we see today reflect their Persian style origins. There is no doubt that throughout history a good rug was considered a valued and treasured possession and was thought to denote standing in the community

Back to today.....
Rugs are fantastic, they transform a space, add texture and colour to a room, warm your feet on an otherwise cold floor and overall add a cosiness factor that even a carpet can’t achieve alone.

Tips for choosing a rug

Colour: If you already have a lot of colour or pattern in your room you don’t want to add another layer to that with a multi coloured rug. You can use colour blocking with a contrasting rug but make sure it’s a colour you can live with long term. One good rule of thumb is to match your rug in colours similar to either your walls or your soft furnishings         

Texture: Aim for contrast when considering texture. If you have leather couches or chairs they can look great against a long haired shaggy rug for contrasting textures and to create a softness. Reversely textured soft furnishings like velvet can benefit from a short hard pile rug. Take into account who will be using the rug - is a tripping hazard? Or if getting a short hard pile snow white rug is practical if you have a big long haired dog who likes to do carpet gymnastics after coming in from the rain

Size: A rug should cover the size of your seating area. Ideally all of the furniture should sit on the rug but if only the front legs are on it that’s a perfect compromise. Orientation is also important. If you have a rectangular room get a rectangular rug and a square room benefits from either a square or a round rug. I've curated a few examples from the internet to give you some ideas.

I’d recommend The Rug House as a great place to buy rugs online They do FREE SHIPPING to the UK and Ireland and they have a 30% off sale at the moment – Check out their Inspirational Pictures

Creating a great first impression!

You might not think it but your entrance way is one of the most important rooms in your home. Why? well it's the first place you see when you walk into your house and the last place you see when you leave. It gives you that ...ahhh I'm home! .. feeling as you walk through the door. It's generally where you drop your keys, handbag, coat and often shoes....unless of course you are super tidy ...unlike me.

It's the first place your guests see when they come to visit and it gives them an impression of the rest of the should be warm and inviting, bright and inspiring and show a little bit of your personality too.

What could be more awful than walking into a cold, dark, drab hallway smelling of damp and with no decoration at all.  you want to feel welcome in your own home and you want your guests to feel welcome too.

Essential decorations really depend on your needs but I think a mirror is definitely a priority....everyone needs that one last check before rushing out the door to ensure they aren't wearing a beard of toothpaste!. After that I think each to their own...

Check out these simple ideas that are easy to recreate in your home and there is something here to suit every taste.


Redesigning a Living Room in Rustic Chic

I'm in the process of planning a redesign for my living room and as the room is fairly bright anyway with lots of natural light I've decided to go with a rustic chic theme. Which got me thinking as to what a rustic chic really is....

Our version of modern day rustic has evolved from what would have been considered along the styles of an old hunting lodge style to today’s much more bleached out, neutral themed, distressed wood version.

Wood is obviously key to this look but it tends to be mixed with glamorous accessories like ornate candle stick holders, chandeliers and French style mirrors. It ranges with accessories from French country farmhouse to industrial rusted metals and medieval styled lighting with cow hide playing a significant role in soft furnishings. Throw in some wicker accessories, mason jars and French stamped crates with heart shaped tea lights and you've nailed this easy laid back trend.

Creating your own personal haven

We all need a place in our house for ourselves, a room that we can sleep, rest, read a book, chill out or just have some me time. For me that is always my bedroom, it's my haven , a place that I can escape to for a cheeky nap or just some down time so I see it as my own little  haven.

With our busy lives these days it can be difficult to take time out for ourselves but as more and more research shows the effects that stress has on our bodies both mentally, physically and emotionally it's becoming so important to create that half an hour in your day to wind down. That can be reading, meditating, listening to music , standing on your head or colour coding your socks ...whatever it is that relaxes you. Your bedroom can be an ideal location for this purpose but it has to feel like a place of tranquillity,a place of relaxation where you can close the door to the outside world even if that means barricading yourself in and wearing some ear plugs!

Wit this in mind I've pulled together some great looks to inspire you to redecorate your bedroom into a place of calm without a huge amount of effort and expense. The key is to keep your palette simple, work predominantly with neutrals and create interest using a complimentary colour or by introducing either texture or pattern.

Follow me for more ideas and inspiration

Using a dark colour on your walls and teaming it with white is a great way to add a strong contrast to your room which challenges your senses. Playing with different sized pictures or alternatively using three strong uniform sized pictures creates interesting structure. Add a cosy textured throw - beautiful!

Mint greens are always a restful colour for bedrooms but by adding an interesting texture you transform the room from something mundane into something a lot more regal. Not everyon'es cup of tea but interesting all the same.

If you break down the elements in this room you'll see that there is very little to it but it has a very big impact...why? A really strong patterned rug pulls the room together, with painted furniture and floorboards, a statement mirror and a few well placed accessories - this room transforms into something fabulous space.

This is probably my favourite example of using a simpler palette and layering both texture and complimentary colours to create a really interesting visual effect. It's soft, yet aesthetically pretty with big bold lines and so versatile it would suit so many homes.

If only my bedroom could be this tidy and uncluttered for even an hour ...but alas I'm a hoarder. I like my bits and pieces within reach. But I do really love the simplicity of this design. Grey has made a monumental come back in recent years and is very evident in home furnishings and interior design. It's a much more versatile colour than browns and beige as it can be combined with so many more colour variations. You can use strong colours like this mustard or even citrus greens or dominant reds or soften it with pale pinks, layering with texture and even incorporating metalics.

A really good throw can transform any room - kept simple here with a few accent colours and your simple white bedlinen has been transformed.

Ok so maybe  not all of us are lucky enough to have a canopy bed but leaving that out the rest of this room is quite achievable.  Using a suede paint for your back drop wall you can create a texture that will work really well against washed out cottons and painted floorboards.

Painting your floor boards is a really great way to upgrade your flooring but do check the floorboards are in good condition before you tear out the carpet and that any nails have been flattened. Then throw some shaggy rugs or sheepskin onto your floors to create a fabulous loft feel - totally cosy.

If you've created the ultimate haven for your bedroom we'd love to see it - please send us your pics to and we'll publish the best on our social pages.


New colour pairings that are creeping into interiors

New Colours Pairings? I hear you say ..How can there be any new combinations...surely every colour combo that ever could be invented has been invented. 

There is always a search for new colours partnerships , new shades of an existing colours with different tones but some of the recent pairings have really stood out to me as fresh and bold.

We all have colour combinations that we like but it can be good to try something new not because it's fashionable or on trend but because colour can completely transform a room and also a mood.

Here are a few examples of fresh new colours I've spotted recently and I'll be posting more all this week on social media - please comment if you like or dislike


Tips for Designing and Decorating a Small Bedroom

Let’s face it.. in every house or  apartment there is one teeny went room or box room that seems impossible to decorate or furnish. Obviously if we had Ikea designers living with us we’d have no problems. But in the absence of that luxury I've collated a few great tips that you can use to maximise the space in your small rooms – here I'm focusing on bedrooms but many of these tips apply to any small room.

1.  Add Mirrors
Mirrors are a must for any small space. They reflect light and give the illusion of space instantly. Try to position your mirrors on a wall where they catch the light from outside and reflect it back into the room. The bigger they are of course the more light they reflect.

2.  Use Really Smart Storage
In a small space, every available centimetre is a storage space that hasn't been utilised. In a bedroom under the bed is a premium space so choose a bed that either comes with storage included or that has enough space underneath to use for boxes and drawers.

3. Use Your Walls
You can’t sit on them; you can’t sleep on them so use them as efficiently as possible. Spend some time sourcing practical shelving that uses space economically. It’s better to consider open shelving as opposed to closed in units, presses or cupboards as they will reduce the overall volume of your room. Some people shy away from open shelving as it gives the impression of clutter or because there are some things you don’t want on public view. But there are so many beautiful boxes, baskets and tins available these days that will actually compliment your room if you choose the right colours or textures.

4. Make it Cosy
So realistically you aren't going to double the size of your room through clever design although you’ll definitely make it a more efficient space so instead embrace the cosiness. Layer textures and complimentary colours in your bedlinen and cushions to add interest to your little space and to guide the eye around the room.

5.  Use Multiple Lighting Sources.
Rather than relying on one overhead light use several smaller lights in softer lighting. This will visually blur the edges of your room and give the impression of more space if the room is lit from different angles. And hey what doesn't look nicer in a softer glow!

6. Keep Your Colours Light
It’s no secret that dark colours shrink a room but this even more important in a small space. So keep your walls and linens in a lighter palette and if your like colour- use  colour in throws, cushions, storage boxes and door knobs. And for your windows it’s best to work with blinds rather than curtains to leave you more wall space.

Here are some great ideas for storage tips and colour schemes that make the most out of really small spaces

Storage Ideas to help you get organised for spring

Well if you are anything like me once January passes you are into serious organisation mode - I think it's an in built need I have to start spring cleaning. and de-cluttering. Storage is the bane of my life as we never had enough of it. Stop hoarding! I hear you say but it's impossible. I'm a gatherer. As a result, I'm always on the lookout for great storage ideas and I'm guilty of making far too many trips to Ikea to feed my need.

The thing about storage is that it doesn’t need to be boring, the days of boxes and tins piled up in corners, wardrobes and under beds are long since gone and now it’s all about making storage a feature of your room or at the very least making it seamless and unnoticeable.

Here are some great ideas for storage that might make you think twice about that awkward old corner and re purpose it as a funky shelving unit. If you have created any funky or innovative storage spaces yourself then we’d love to see them – take a quick pic and email it into and we’ll feature the best on our Facebook, Instagram, twitter and pinterest!

Sheepskin..this trend is here to stay...

Some people hate it ..some people love it..personally I was on the fence but I kind of love it at the moment. Sheepskin has had a revival with lots of synthetic varieties and in lots of different colours and as it's small it's an easy texture to play around with in your interiors. It also goes well with a great many colours and textures.

The best way to use sheepskin is as a throw or a rug to soften up the colour scheme in a room and add texture to a monochrome palette. It looks great in greys and blacks or against greys and blacks. it's lovely on the floor of a nursery or on a leather chair or sofa to add that little bit of cosiness and warmth.

It's certainly looking a whole lot better than it did in the 70s....Here's a great range of inspirational ideas of how you can integrate it into your home 


Great ideas for decorating kid's rooms in 2016

There is so much Disney merchandise knocking around these days that it can be hard to be creative and different with rooms for the little ones in your life. Every child seems to have the matching duvet set and pillows combo...Frozen in anyone's house by any chance?

But it really doesn't take much to create a really pretty and stimulating space for kids. Kids love bright colours and it's so easy to pick up a few sets of shelves in somewhere like Ikea or your local hardware shop and paint them in primary colours or in subtle complimentary shades.

Add in a few wall decorations and kids paintings - maybe some bunting and a readers corner and you have a little playroom in their bedroom.

If anyone is looking to source paintings for children's rooms then please drop me a line to

Enjoy the pics XoXo

Velvet, Velvet Everywhere....and in every colour... used to be so passé...but it's back in vogue with a bang for your furnishings and the exciting thing about this trend of velvet are the colours. Bold blues , strong turquoise, slate grey's and envious greens, there really is something for everyone.

Where velvet used to be a textile that blended into the background this seasons velvets are your statement piece. They are dramatic standalone sofas that dominate a room and rightly so...they've been hidden away for so long. 

This is by far my favourite trend of 2015 and it's here to stay, contrast your velvets with strong metallics or bold prints  or a striking pink for added effect and texture. Be bold , be proud, be Velvet...

Enjoy xxx


Mad about Folk!

Just when we’d all turned ourselves into 1950s housewives as we embraced Vintage in all its forms from making cupcakes to stringing up bunting like our lives depended on it another trend has slowly started to creep in.

You may have noticed it here and there – gradually making an appearance in cushions or the odd lampshade. You’ve probably thought to yourself that is the next level of vintage in a more colourful form. Well I’m here to tell you it’s not, I now herald the arrival of folk, yes you read it correctly – folk!.

To all you Anne Sloaners…drop your wax now and grab a stencil kit because it’s time to add folk floral designs to that old bench or side table. Think brightly coloured patterns with tight floral leaf designs and heart shapes with a touch of aztec here and there. Think of the blankets used by the American Indians, the headscarves and long patterned skirts worn by country women in Eastern Europe. But beware this is a trend to embrace in small doses and subtle touches or your interior will look like the inside of an old fortune teller's gypsy caravan. The trick is to accent with it and to work it against contrasting colours or neutral shades.

Here’s a little inspo to get you thinking! Enjoy XoX

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The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

Following on from my post on the return of Rose Gold I had to continue my theme with the modernised interior staple of Yellow Gold. Gold has been used in interiors for centuries. It becomes very fashionable every few seasons and then it dampens down again for another few years.

Recently it is making a much more modern revival in it's shiniest of forms paired with more unusual colours and fabrics such as navy velvet, matt slate grey and even teal green. It's popping up in funky cylindrical lamp shades , bespoke wall hangings, up-cycled retro furnishings and tasteful  murals.

This is the modern urban use of gold with a designer edge, clean lines and mirrored surfaces. Take a look at some of these great examples to help you redefine your perceptions of how gold can be incorporated into a contemporary living space. Enjoy X


The Return of Rose Gold

One of the hottest trends in interior design at the moment is the return of rose gold. It's soft pink hues mean it can compliment many more colours than the yellowness of standard gold and it's such a modern trend it brings your interior right up to date.

It's been creeping back into fashion for a while particularly in watches - Michael Kors has a few magnificent examples which are on my wishlist. Although I don't wear a watch so I guess that's where they will stay.

Rose gold pairs perfectly with softer pastels and neutrals which will suit many homes and where using gold with these colours may come across a little too Miami circa 1980s, the rose hues add a much richer dimension and warmth to a room.

Personally I'm kind of in love with it at the moment and I'm on the hunt for some really great accessories for my own home. Using accessories means you can chop and change whenever you feel without a massive investment and little touches here and there can instantly change a room.

Here are some great examples of colours you can pair rose gold with in your home