Redesigning a Living Room in Rustic Chic

I'm in the process of planning a redesign for my living room and as the room is fairly bright anyway with lots of natural light I've decided to go with a rustic chic theme. Which got me thinking as to what a rustic chic really is....

Our version of modern day rustic has evolved from what would have been considered along the styles of an old hunting lodge style to today’s much more bleached out, neutral themed, distressed wood version.

Wood is obviously key to this look but it tends to be mixed with glamorous accessories like ornate candle stick holders, chandeliers and French style mirrors. It ranges with accessories from French country farmhouse to industrial rusted metals and medieval styled lighting with cow hide playing a significant role in soft furnishings. Throw in some wicker accessories, mason jars and French stamped crates with heart shaped tea lights and you've nailed this easy laid back trend.