Creating your own personal haven

We all need a place in our house for ourselves, a room that we can sleep, rest, read a book, chill out or just have some me time. For me that is always my bedroom, it's my haven , a place that I can escape to for a cheeky nap or just some down time so I see it as my own little  haven.

With our busy lives these days it can be difficult to take time out for ourselves but as more and more research shows the effects that stress has on our bodies both mentally, physically and emotionally it's becoming so important to create that half an hour in your day to wind down. That can be reading, meditating, listening to music , standing on your head or colour coding your socks ...whatever it is that relaxes you. Your bedroom can be an ideal location for this purpose but it has to feel like a place of tranquillity,a place of relaxation where you can close the door to the outside world even if that means barricading yourself in and wearing some ear plugs!

Wit this in mind I've pulled together some great looks to inspire you to redecorate your bedroom into a place of calm without a huge amount of effort and expense. The key is to keep your palette simple, work predominantly with neutrals and create interest using a complimentary colour or by introducing either texture or pattern.

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Using a dark colour on your walls and teaming it with white is a great way to add a strong contrast to your room which challenges your senses. Playing with different sized pictures or alternatively using three strong uniform sized pictures creates interesting structure. Add a cosy textured throw - beautiful!

Mint greens are always a restful colour for bedrooms but by adding an interesting texture you transform the room from something mundane into something a lot more regal. Not everyon'es cup of tea but interesting all the same.

If you break down the elements in this room you'll see that there is very little to it but it has a very big impact...why? A really strong patterned rug pulls the room together, with painted furniture and floorboards, a statement mirror and a few well placed accessories - this room transforms into something fabulous space.

This is probably my favourite example of using a simpler palette and layering both texture and complimentary colours to create a really interesting visual effect. It's soft, yet aesthetically pretty with big bold lines and so versatile it would suit so many homes.

If only my bedroom could be this tidy and uncluttered for even an hour ...but alas I'm a hoarder. I like my bits and pieces within reach. But I do really love the simplicity of this design. Grey has made a monumental come back in recent years and is very evident in home furnishings and interior design. It's a much more versatile colour than browns and beige as it can be combined with so many more colour variations. You can use strong colours like this mustard or even citrus greens or dominant reds or soften it with pale pinks, layering with texture and even incorporating metalics.

A really good throw can transform any room - kept simple here with a few accent colours and your simple white bedlinen has been transformed.

Ok so maybe  not all of us are lucky enough to have a canopy bed but leaving that out the rest of this room is quite achievable.  Using a suede paint for your back drop wall you can create a texture that will work really well against washed out cottons and painted floorboards.

Painting your floor boards is a really great way to upgrade your flooring but do check the floorboards are in good condition before you tear out the carpet and that any nails have been flattened. Then throw some shaggy rugs or sheepskin onto your floors to create a fabulous loft feel - totally cosy.

If you've created the ultimate haven for your bedroom we'd love to see it - please send us your pics to and we'll publish the best on our social pages.