Accessorize with personality

What makes any space unique? What gives it style and sets it apart from a similar space of the same colour scheme - Accessories of course!

When I say accessories I mean everything from what you hang on your walls to lighting and down to ornaments. The one way to let your personality shine through in a space is through your brave use of accessories that you really like and enjoy on a daily basis.

People can be hesitant to  invest in lights or paintings or even that accent chair but the way I look at it is this...if you calculate the amount of years you will have that piece and in that year the amount of times you will look at it and get enjoyment from just liking it and you divide that figure  by the price then the cost of each little piece of happiness is very small. So it's worth investing in something you like for your home if it will make you smile every time you see it.

Here are some inspirational pics of how people have let some of the personality shine through in their interiors in very different ways. Enjoy X