Defining Elements Of The Modern Rustic Home

Modern rustic is proving very popular of late and as I’ve had a few queries on one of my Facebook posts for rustic kitchens I thought I’d do a full blog post on it.

Why is rustic design so popular, well it removes formality from a room and it gives it a warmth and inviting feel. Modern rustic also now tends to range from log cabin style all the way to beach cottage or New England charm.

Some elements to consider when trying to incorporate rustic into your theme.

1.       Wood- whether you are using pine for its exaggerated knotting or reclaimed wood for it’s used and aged to keep it authentic try to keep it as natural looking as possible.

2.       Metal- Use punched tin or any non-shiny metal to capture the aged concept. Also some antique metals can work quite well in a rustic setting.

3.       Stone- you could incorporate stone in your flooring, fireplaces, walls or subtlety as ornamental features to add an additional feeling of nature to your room

4.       Colour schemes- use natural colours reflecting nature but for a beachier theme you could try adding washed out pastels to soften your other elements.

Here are some examples off subtle additions that you can put together quite easily to add a rustic feel to your room