50 Shades of grey...well nearly 50!

I'm currently championing grey as the colour de Jour. To me it epitomizes elegance and style as alone it creates a striking line but when themed with other colours it lifts them to new heights.

By styling your room in grey it enables you to add a touch of colour through accessories without dominating a room with a strong colour that might date quickly. You can stack various hues of grey to create interest and depth to a space. It works well with all sorts of patterns and in patterns itself.

In Ireland and the UK we have so many grey days outside we can be hesitant about bringing the colour inside but when you reflect the colours of your landscape outside it can reflect the light into the room.

But it's worth experimenting using deep charcoal grey for an accent wall or corner and lifting it with a striking pink, blue, white or even neon. It really can create quite a dramatic effect.

I've curated various ways in which you could explore this fascinating colour and hopefully it will inspire you with your own interiors. Enjoy XoXo